Innovation is our DNA

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Genetic innovation, our core business

Optimizing seed performance and providing added value to farmers


Innovating to meet the agricultural challenges of tomorrow

Optimizing performance and yield stability


Researchers at Limagrain Europe combine their expertise to meet the challenges faced by tomorrow's agriculture. Genetic innovation is at the core of their approach and has led to the creation of a solid portfolio of varieties. All varieties are based on exclusive genetics combined with innovative, high added-value traits.

Limagrain Europe provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of all farmers.

Research programmes for 8 crops: maize, sunflower, winter oilseed rape, soft wheat, durum wheat, barley, pulses (peas, faba bean)
27 research sites in 14 countries, covering a broad spectrum of pedoclimatic conditions
Near 600 passionate people dedicated to research & development
More than 60 new varieties launched in 2021/22

€301m invested in Research

Resources that meet the level of our ambitions

Limagrain Europe relies on global research with a community of more than 1,000 researchers across 5 continents.
Limagrain Europe has developed technology platforms to accelerate genetic progress: high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping, double haploids, envirotyping, etc.

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For more than 50 years, Limagrain Europe has been developing breeding programmes that cover the entire range of maturity and uses in silage maize and grain maize to respond to all opportunities for farmers and meet all their needs.
The programmes depend on a large experimentation network run by Research & Development in 17 European countries that cover the main pedoclimatic conditions.



For almost 40 years, Limagrain Europe has had breeding programmes focused on grain and oil yield, stress resistance, and resistance to disease and pests. 
We combine high-performance genetics with a selection of weed-control solutions based on technology (Clearfield, Clearfield Plus or Express) to meet the needs of farmers.
Limagrain Europe has implemented a genotyping, monitoring, and research platform focused on broomrape, a very significant pest that affects millions of hectares in Europe.


Oilseed rape


For more than 20 years, Limagrain Europe has continued to invest in oilseed rape research to develop varieties that combine high yield potential, good resistance to pod shattering, and good tolerance of biotic (phoma, TuYV, clubroot) and abiotic stresses (winter cold).

Small grain cereals


Small grain cereals research (durum wheat, winter wheat and barley, spring wheat and barley) is among the best performing worldwide thanks to a research network across 5 continents and numerous collaborations with integrated value chains, industry and universities. The goal is to create varieties adapted to the various pedoclimatic contexts and improve yield potential and stability (disease resistance, lodging, and frost...).


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